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"A Call From the Wild"

Peggy Morsch

Exhibition Dates:
July 27th thru August 27th, 2007

Exhibition Times:
3 pm to 9 pm (7/27), 11 pm to 4 pm (7/28)
Ongoing thru August 27th.

By Appointment
Please call 414-238-6888

Exhibition Review:
Come view the call of the natural world from Alaska, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Wisconsin.Peggy Morsch has captured on film the dynamic changes of seasons, storms, migrations and the light that gives each image its breath and life.Her beautifully composed color images will leave you seeking the wonder of the natural world.

Click here for a slideshow of additional images.

Photographer Bio:
Click Here for more information on Peggy and her works.

Personal Web Site:
Peggy Morsch - Life Photography

Peggy Morsch Peggy Morsch Peggy Morsch Peggy Morsch



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