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Becky Conrad - Custom Jewelry

Craig Gyland - Pottery



Exhibition Opening:
Friday, July 29, 2011
Ongoing thru Aug. 29, 2011.

Exhibition Times:
6 pm to 9 pm (07/29)

Ongoing By Appointment
Please call 414-763-8689

Exhibition Review:
Our show this time around will be the first in our new space at 612 N. Broadway. Typically we are known for our photography exhibitions, but we thought we would change things up with a collaborative of artists in various mediums. Also on display will be three large scale canvases from airbrush digital artist Patti Hied.

David Bernacchi - Sports Photography
Mark Bertieri - Commercial Photography
Robert Cavallo - Rock N' Roll Photography
Becky Conrad - Custom Jewelry
Craig Gyland - Pottery
Sarah Kozar (aka Ms. Bubbles Galore of the Squeezettes) - Painting
Patty Shotola-Koenig - Custom Clothing
J.D. Thorne - Author


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