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Featuring photographs from various artists.

Exhibition Opening:
Friday, Sept. 10, 2010
Ongoing thru Oct. 10th.

Exhibition Times:
6 pm to 9 pm

By Appointment
Please call 414-238-6888

Exhibition Review:
The Save the Date event features 20 artists in the Marshall Building on this special date between the annual Summer and Fall Gallery Night and Day event.

Light Ideas Gallery will be featuring the photography group "Freetimers" book "The Freetimers Book of Light" with proceeds going to the AWE (Artists Working in Education) which works with local artists to give them employment in the form of artist-in-residencies at area MPS schools who do not have full art-education funding.

We will also have on hand award winning sports photographer, David Bernacchi, with his Milwaukee County Stadium collection of photographs, Rock 'n Roll photographer Robert Cavallo, and many interesting local images from the team of professional photographers.


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