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Pabst Magazine Ad

Pabst Magazine Ad


Featuring Various Pabst Advertising Campaigns and Memorabilia

Exhibition Opening:
Friday, July 23rd and Saturday, July 24th, 2010
Ongoing thru August 24th.

Exhibition Times:
6 pm to 9 pm (07/23), 12 pm to 2 pm (07/24)

By Appointment
Please call 414-238-6888

Exhibition Review:
The Pabst Brewing Company was the first of the great Milwaukee breweries. Quality, pride, tradition, and hops were the ingredients in the legacy left by German immigrant Jacob Best Sr., who established the brewery in 1844. Under the guidance of his son Phillip Best and Phillip's son-in-law, Captain Frederick Pabst, a small local producer became America's largest brewer from the late 1800's until 1946. Unfortunately as the competition increased Pabst market share decreased and due to economic concerns the brewery was closed in 1996.

The "Pabst Uncovered" exhibition features many of the items found in the former Pabst Corporate Offices and Visitor's Center after the closing. Other than various advertising, marketing, and commercial art campaign materials, the exhibition will feature items from Pabst historian Cheryl Komp. Her collection includes glassware, signage, photographs, clothing, and various other interesting Pabst memorabilia.


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