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Christopher Cabatbat - Hourly Rates #3

Jennifer Bartel - Blue 2




Troy Freund, Kurt Kamka, Barbara Minor, David Bernacchi, Dave La Haye
Mark Bertieri, Christopher Cabatbat, Miranda Zynda-Kneeland, Dan Wilson
Jennifer Bartelt, Stephanie Bartz, John Ruebartsch, Pete Olsen, Robert Cavallo
Michael Stotler, Jennifer Bartel, Chris Hutton, & Sue Vliet

Exhibition Opening:
Friday, January 15th and Saturday, January 16th, 2010
Ongoing thru February 15th.

Exhibition Times: Artists Reception
6 pm to 9 pm (01/15), 12 pm to 3 pm (01/16)

By Appointment
Please call 414-238-6888

Exhibition Review:
A gallery and online exhibition of photographs from some of Milwaukee's
finest photographers.



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