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Harold - Stef Bartz   ABOUT US

Light Ideas Gallery was founded in 2005 by photographers David Bernacchi and Mark Bertieri. Their idea was simple, to create a gallery capable of supporting photographers both artistically and financially. They believed there was a real need in the community for a gallery where photographers could exhibit their work, exchange ideas, and grow as artists.

Light Ideas Gallery (LIG) has grown from a diverse group of photographers to include, mixed media artists, some at the start of their careers to professionals that have progressed from the darkroom to the digital environment. The gallery has grown to include individuals from various fields including assignment, location, corporate, and stock, to artists working in 3D media. Their work is as varied as the photographers themselves.

From the initial highly successful exhibition for Gallery Night and Day in July 2005 the gallery has been a hit on the art scene in Milwaukee..




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